Testing Ticks for Lyme

Did You Know that ticks are the primary way that humans get Lyme disease? If bitten by an infected deer (actually called a black-legged) tick, humans and pets can be infected and may develop Lyme disease, which is caused by a bacteria called Borrelia burgdorferi.

Determining whether your tick was infected provides you the opportunity for your physician (or veterinarian) to offer lab-based confirmation services or recommend a proactive treatment regimen.

We offer test ticks for Lyme disease which provide results that are 98-99% accurate. We'll test up to five ticks at a time, so if you pull multiple ticks off yourself or Fido, it's the same price as testing just one! Get results within 72 hours of us receiving the tick - the fastest in the industry! We currently ONLY test for Lyme Disease - no other tickborne illnesses.


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How It All Works

NEWLY ANNOUNCED: Rush + Urgent testing! Need results sooner than three days? With our new Rush Testing, we'll have results ready within just 24 hours of receiving the tick(s). Need results even sooner? Order our Urgent Testing, and we'll email and call you with the results within just ONE HOUR of receiving the tick(s)! See pricing below.

The cost to test up to five nymph stage blacklegged ("deer") ticks for Lyme disease is just $35 per test. One single test can test up to 5 nymph ticks, 3 non-engorged adult ticks, or 1 fully engorged adult tick. Results of each test are emailed to you and at no time is any personal information shared with anyone. We do however share general statistics of how many ticks have been test, how many were infected, and the city & state where found.

An important note: Ticks that have come in contact with alcohol cannot be tested.

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HOW TO MAIL THE TICKS: We test black-legged ("deer") ticks in all sorts of conditions, both nymphs and adults. Just pop them in a Zip-Lock bag and add a moistened cotton ball or small piece of paper towel, and mail them to us once you've completed your order! Additional information on exactly how and where to mail the ticks to will be emailed to you once you have placed your order.

About Tick Testing

Center for Wilderness Safety offers ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) tick testing that 98-99% accurately detects the presence of the three most common pathogens that cause Lyme disease (Borrelia garinii, Borrelia afzelii, and Borrelia burgdorferi sensu stricto) directly in the tick. One test can accommodate up to five ticks at a time – all within just about an hour or so.

Tick testing is an established laboratory procedure used to determine if a tick specifically carries the pathogens that cause Lyme disease. If you or your pet have been bitten by a tick, we highly recommend testing the tick to determine your risk of contracting serious tick-borne diseases and decide on an early diagnosis and treatment regimen.

When a tick arrives at our lab in Loudoun County, Virginia, we immediately work to identify it and determine how long it has been attached if possible. Once completed, testing for Borrelia pathogens begins.


Why Test a Tick for Lyme Disease?

Traditionally, it takes between 4 to 6 weeks for a blood sample to come back from a lab with qualitative results for Lyme disease. By testing individual ticks, we are able to detect whether the tick itself carries the Lyme disease pathogen, helping with early detection and proactive treatment regimen.

Our program is dedicated to providing laboratory-quality tick testing to people in high-risk areas for Lyme disease nationwide.

Unlike traditional laboratories' complicated test requisition forms, the Center for Wilderness Safety's tick testing program has a simple, easy to use interface for ordering tick tests. Just order your tests, mail your tick to our lab in Loudoun County, Virginia, and your results will be ready within 72 hours of lab receipt - guaranteed.    Found a tick? Get Started Below!


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